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Building Automation

Considering the fact that buildings account for 40% of the world’s energy use, the concept of building’s energy consumption has a big impact on every business. Payesh Energy Co. offers Building Automation equipments as well as integrated building management software system which can help to: Reduce operational and energy costs Increase productivity Make fast, accurate decisions With a great focus on energy efficiency, Payesh Energy Co. introduces building management systems to the local building market including all the necessary components to equip modern properties with the latest building automation technology to safeguard the inter-operability between equipment of different manufacturers. This generates strong synergies with manifold applications: Increased security Extended functionality Optimised energy-efficiency Improved comfort
Home Automation

Home automation system provides a great convenience to the owner. By having the residence automatically do routine functions such as watering the grass, setting the thermostat to the right temperature, or turning off unneeded lights, family members can save a lot of time and effort. Using Home Automation System Residents can also dim the lights, close the curtains, turn on the TV and DVD player or brew tea in the tea maker at a pre-set time or at a touch of one button. Automating a home also means that it will have a high level of security. The owner can check in on his property from anywhere in the world using the Internet. Or he can program his system to alert him on the phone if there is anything amiss while he is away.