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Diehl is a financially independent and legally autonomous family-run company. Our continuous success is based on the experience of a long tradition reaching back to the year 1902 as well as on our broad product range in a variety of business fields in different industrial sectors. This is also reflected by the large number of customers we have. We represent high quality and technology leadership since our research and development is market-oriented and we improve our processes constantly. Thus, we can offer our customers products and services at fair prices, which have been specifically designed to meet their respective requirements. We convince our customers with sustained cooperation based on partnership.

The Diehl enterprise is particularly proud of the high motivation of its employees and their impressive loyalty reflected by their above-average length of service with Diehl. Our company‘s success is due above all to our employees. By setting precise objectives, leaving space for personal responsibility and creating an operational environment open to social concerns, we ensure that challenge and recognition are part of everyday working life. It goes without saying that we stand by our special responsibility to safeguard jobs in Germany.

Our Compliance Organization, providing a uniform, systematic, corporate-wide basis for the ethical principles we have lived by for many years, even more reliably ensures that the business activities of all employees are characterized by a high degree of transparency, integrity and fairness.

Diehl has set ambitious growth targets that prescribe standards for every individual staff member. Our broad product range and our independence from the banks have enabled us in the past to remain successful as a group despite a negative economic environment, which was impressively confirmed by the dramatic economic and financial crisis in the years 2008 and 2009. To maintain this status quo in the future, solidity and sustainability are the primary objectives in all of our business activities.